COP - Auras


Complete Offensive Package - Auras

The COP - Auras extension is designed to work with any CoreRPG based ruleset.  The extension adds a visual aura to maps around tokens with an AURA effect.

This extension is intended to work by itself or alongside of bmos's excellent Aura Effect Extension.


There are no options included with this extension.  Options from previous versions are no longer required and have been removed.

Effect Syntax and parameters

The basic syntax for the AURA effect used by this extension aligns with the AURA extension by rhagelstrom. 

Aura Size

AURA: distance

The default aura is a circle.  It is measured outside of the tokens space and the distance specified is the radius of the aura, as measured from the edge of the token.  Square/cube auras are drawn so that distance is the length of each side of the square.

image.pngMedium size creature Aura size 5