Complete Offensive Package - Auras

The COP - Auras extension is designed to work with any CoreRPG based ruleset.  The extension adds a visual aura to maps around tokens with an AURA effect.

This extension is intended to work by itself or alongside of bmos's excellent Aura Effect Extension.


There are two options included with this extension

Default Aura Color: This setting is per user.  Each user can select the color they would like as the default.

Default Aura Shape: This setting is set by the GM.  Options are square or circle


Effect Syntax and parameters

The basic syntax AURA effect syntax used by this extension is:

AURA: distance

Where distance is a number of map units.   By default, D&D 5e maps use 5 foot squares, so an aura of 5 would draw the aura around the token.  The aura does respect token size, so a larger token would show the aura drawn from the edges of the token. A default CoreRPG campaign uses map units of 1, so an AURA: 1 would appear the same as an AURA: 5 would appear in a D&D 5e campaign.

image.pngMedium size creature Aura size 5