This extension was originally developed by Lord Taser.  Upon request of the original author, ownership and future development was transferred to mattekure.

The COP - Spell Threat extension is designed for D&D 5E.  The extension adds a visible threat range indicator to maps for PC spells and powers.

The range indicator can be displayed by hovering the mouse cursor over the Magnifying glass to the right of the spell or power in the PC's character sheet. They will only be visible to the player who owns the PC.  The PC must be in the combat tracker and added to a map from the combat tracker to work.


Example: Ray of Frost


Example: Color Spray


This extension allows you to customize 2 options.  The Color of the threat range indicator, and the shape.  By default the color is Red and the shape is a circle.  Each PC may select their own preferred color and shape.  The available colors are:

The shape of the threat field can also be set to square.


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