Sustenance Tracker


Sustenance Tracker is an extension for the Fantasy grounds VTT. 

This extension is available on the Fantasy Grounds Forge at

This extension adds a section to the character sheet actions tab which allows tracking consumption of food/drink.  Sustenance Tracker is designed and only works with the D&D 5E ruleset.

D&D 5E SRD rules for Food and Water:



For support with this or any other of mattekures extensions, you can reach me on the rob2e discord.  Join me in the #mattekure-stuff channel.


Extensions purchased from the Fantasy Grounds Forge are automatically downloaded whenever the "Check For Updates" button is clicked.


The extension is downloaded into the vault folder in your Fantasy Grounds data folder and will appear as "2a0d71b6-68e0-11ec-8c52-0050562be458.dat".  This file is protected, and its contents cannot be viewed.



Sustenance tracker adds a new Sustenance section to all player character sheets, located on the Actions tab.


Sustenance Header

The Sustenance header can be clicked to collapse the section.


Amount Carried

The top line left number is used to track the pounds of food carried (n lbs).  Fantasy Grounds doesn't currently have a way to designate inventory items as specifically food items, so this must be done manually by the player/GM.

The second line left number is used to track the gallons of drinkable liquid (water, ale, wine, whatever) the character is carrying.  As with the food line, these values must be entered manually.


Amount Consumed

The second number represents the amount of food/drink that will be consumed during the next long rest.  The +/- buttons to the right allow incrementing/decrementing the amount to be consumed by 0.5 lbs/gallons.

The buttons will not let you set a consumed amount higher than the carried amount.


Ignoring Consumption

The checkboxes to the left of each line allow you to ignore consumption of either food/drink during a long rest.  This is useful in situations where food/drink is plentiful, such as when characters are at their home base with sufficient resources or have a magical source of food/drink such as a decanter of endless water.


Long Rest

When a long rest is initiated by the GM, each PC in the Combat Tracker will be checked for Food/Water consumption. The amount of food/water carried will be reduced by the amount in the "Lbs Food Eaten"/"Gallons Drank" fields. A message will be added to the chat showing what was consumed. 


If a PC has not consumed enough food/water according to the standard rules, a message will display showing the potential effects this can have.  These will be displayed in chat only and will not be added as Effects in the Combat Tracker. This extension does not take into account the consumption rules for hot weather which require twice as much water be consumed.