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Weather Generator Instructions

The weather generator is accessible to the GM from the Party Sheet by selecting the Weather tab.


Setting Parameters

The weather generator allows you to set the Location Name, and the Initial Conditions for generation. The parameters you can select are Region, Season, Precipitation, Wind, Temperature and Time of Day.  Other than Temperature, the values you can select are not editable at this time.  A future update may allow for more customization of the weather generation options.

Generating Weather

Once the parameters are set, you can select the number of days to generate, 1-10.  Clicking the Generate button will generate weather using the values selected in the Initial conditions, and proceeding through the various times of day. The first weather event generated is done using the supplied initial conditions, and all subsequent weather is generated using the previously generated value.  In other words, each weather event is based on the values previously generated. 


The weather can be output in one of two ways.  The "Output to Story" button creates a new story entry with the current generated weather listed as a table.


Each weather entry also has an Output to Chat button on the far left.  Pressing the Output to Chat button will output that weather event to the chat, visible to the GM only.