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The Indicators extension adds a number of visual indicators to PC/NPC tokens that are placed on maps.  This extension should be compatible with CoreRPG based rulesets and has been tested on 5e, 4e, and SavageWorlds.  Not all indicators work for all rulesets.  If you find a ruleset that does not appear compatible, please contact the author using the support info below.

The types of Indicators that are currently supported include:

  • Initiative (All CoreRPG rulesets) - shown for the PC/NPC that currently has initiative
  • Targets (all CoreRPG rulesets) - displays a target indicator for all tokens targeted by the PC/NPC that has initiative.
  • Health Status (5e, 4e) - displays a relative health indicator depending on the tokens wounds
  • Death Status (5e, 4e) - displays a status indicator depending on if the PC/NPC is dead, dying or stable
  • Saving Throw result (5e) - Shows the result of a saving throw roll, Success, Fail, or Half-Damage

The GM has the option to enable/disable any of the indicator types, and to select which icon set will be used.  Each indicator type has multiple icon sets which may be selected.  These can be individually selected in the Options.

Each indicator type can be individually scaled from 50%-150% of the token size.


Chat Command

The GM has access to the "/siclear" chat command.  When this command is executed, it will clear all saving throw indicators.

Icon Sets

Each Indicator type has a variety of icon sets to choose from.  Sets designated with a (B) indicate that it contains blood, while those marked with (NB) have no blood.


Credit and much thanks to Celestian, Matjam, and all other extension authors who have worked on similar projects in the past.

Art: Huge thanks to Drowbe for providing the excellent alternate images for use.


As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, Please come to our Discord and tag @Mattekure so he can help you...
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