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Target Indicator


The target indicator is added to all tokens that are targeted by the PC/NPC who currently has initiative.  This indicator should be compatible with all CoreRPG based rulesets. Icon Sets Default Default Alt Bold Arrows D...

Health Indicator


This Indicator applies an image to all tokens in the combat tracker that indicates its current level of health.  The images will follow the option View: Wound Categories setting values "Simple" and "Detailed". Simple: There are two levels of health indicator ...

Dead Indicator


The dead indicator applies an image when the PC/NPC is Dead.  This will automatically apply to NPCs upon reaching 0 HP, and will apply to PCs that have 3 failed death saving throws. Icon Sets PC NPC Default Hex Skull (B) ...

Dying / Stable Indicator


The Dying / Stable indicator applies an indicator to a PC when they are at 0 HP.  NPC entries will immediately show the "dead" indicator, while PC entries will show as Dying, Dead, or Stable depending on their health status.  Some icon sets show different dyin...

Bloodied Indicator


The Bloodied indicator is mainly for use with the D&D 4E ruleset.  Bloodied is a standard condition of 4E that is applied whenever the Wounds are greater than 50% of HP. Icon Sets Default Drowbe

Saving Throw Indicator


The Saving Throw indicator is currently only available for the 5E ruleset.  It will not display results in other rulesets.  This indicator applies to tokens that have made a saving throw.  It will indicate whether the saving throw was a success, failure, or a ...


Fantasy Grounds Shops

Load the Shops extension in your campaign by selecting it in the extensions selection window of the launcher. Once the campaign is loaded, you will see the Shops category appear in the sidebar in the Campaign section. Before attempting to use or create a...

Creating Shops

Fantasy Grounds Shops

Create a new shop in the Shops window.  Add items to the shop inventory list on the right hand side.  You can add items or parcels by dragging and dropping them onto the list. The Markup value at the bottom of the window scales the price up or down depend...

Using the Shop

Fantasy Grounds Shops

Important Shops contained within modules cannot be used to purchase items.  In order to use a shop from a module, you must make a COPY of that shop first, and use the copy.  When a shop is opened from a module, you will not be able to interact with it.  A "Co...


COP - Spell Threat

This extension was originally developed by Lord Taser.  Upon request of the original author, ownership and future development was transferred to mattekure. The COP - Spell Threat extension is designed for D&D 5E.  The extension adds a visible threat range ind...


COP - Auras

Complete Offensive Package - Auras The COP - Auras extension is designed to work with any CoreRPG based ruleset.  The extension adds a visual aura to maps around tokens with an AURA effect. This extension is intended to work by itself or alongside of bmos's ...