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Updating Sound Links

There are two methods available to produce your SoundLinks module.  The online website and Offline application.

Online Syrin2FG Website

The Syrin2FG website can be directly accessed using the above link.  For convenience, it can also be opened by using the Update SoundLinks button from within FG.  Clicking this button will open the same website linked above.  Follow the instructions on the website to generate and download your custom Syrinscape SoundLinks module.


Offline Syrin2FG converter

For convenience, I have created an offline utility application to convert the Syrinscape CSV file into a Fantasy Grounds Sound Links module.  The offline converter is considerably faster than using the online converter listed above and does not rely on the speed of your internet connection.  The utility application can be downloaded at the link below. 

  1. Open the application
  2. Click the Download Syrinscape CSV button
  3. Click Browse and select the downloaded CSV file
  4. Click Convert
  5. Copy the generated file to your Fantasy Grounds modules folder.
Security Concerns

For some unknown reason, a small number of Anti-Virus applications (including windows defender) falsely flag this utility as infected or malicious.  This is due to how python packages the code within the executable. If the file is flagged, you may have to add an exception for it in your Anti-Virus application. The full source code for the application is available for review at the link above.  If you have any security concerns over use of this utility, I encourage you to use the online converter above.