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Sharing Audio with Players

Fantasy Grounds and this extension do not directly handle or manipulate the actual transmission of sound in any way.  This extension works entirely by sending messages to the Syrinscape players to induce them to initiate playback.  As such, the handling of audio is outside of the scope of this extension.  However, several options are available and covered below.

SuperSyrin Subscribers

The best and easiest way to share audio with players requires a SuperSyrin subscription to Syrinscape.  With this subscription, the DM has 2 options.

Web Player

The new Syrinscape Web Player allows the DM to share a URL with players and have any triggered audio playback through the website.  This solution requires no client install for the players, and they do not have to have a Syrinscape account.  The URL to the web player can also be used in OBS as a browser source to capture audio for streaming if desired. More information regarding the Web Player can be found here:

Syrinscape Online Player

The Syrinscape Online player is a downloaded client which is installed on the DM and Players devices.  There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.  When using the Online player, each player and the DM must have at least a free a syrinscape account, and must authenticate with the player using that account.  The DM can create a "game" on the syrinscape website and invite players to join it.  While joined, any sounds will be played back on the members devices.  More information regarding the Syrinscape Online Player can be found here: 

Genre Players (Fantasy & Sci-Fi)

The Syrinscape Fantasy and Sci-Fi players are intended for offline use and as such have no inherit capabilities for sharing audio.  It is possible however, to redirect the audio to players using several different methods.  See Redirection Audio below.

Redirecting Audio


Many gaming groups use Discord to transmit audio/video.  For users who want to direct syrisncape audio output to a discord chat, you can try the Discord Audio Pipe.

How to Install Discord Audio Pipe: 

Voicemeeter / Virtual Audio Cables

Many solutions for routing audio in Windows rely on the use of Voicemeeter and Virtual Audio Cables.  These software packages are available on the VB Audio website.